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Updated: Monday 1 June, 2009


We help solve your general Digital TV problems in the troubleshooting guide below. However, if you have a fault with your digital TV equipment please contact the manufacturer.

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Iíve lost some of my Freeview channels. What happened and how do I get them back?

This happens sometimes if your signal is weak or after bad weather. To get them back youíll have to clear the memory on your set-top box and rescan.

Remove the aerial from your equipment and leave it unplugged. Go to the menu and select retune or rescan - this will take a few minutes but wonít find anything because the aerial is unplugged - this clears the memory.

When your equipment displays the message ďno channels foundĒ, you can unplug your set-top box and TV from the mains supply. After waiting 30 seconds, turn it back on and follow the rescanning instructions again.

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If you keep having signal problems it could be that your aerial needs replacing, though if you had a good analogue signal, you should get a good digital one too.

I canít connect my set-top box

All digiboxes and set-top boxes will come with installation instructions.

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However, if your TV does not have a scart socket, it may have AV (Audio/Video) sockets instead. These are three individual sockets coloured red, white and yellow. You will need a special lead to connect this to your box. You should be able to get one of these from most electrical retailers.

If your TV does not have AV sockets, only the normal RF aerial socket, you will not be able to connect it directly to the digital box unless the box has an RF output. Check with the manufacturer or you electrical retailer before you buy.

You might be able to connect the box to the scart socket on your VCR and watch Freeview on your video channel instead.

If you continue to have problems installing your set-top box you can pay for an engineer to do it for you. Contact your retailer for more information.

I get Ďblockingí on my picture

Often blocking is caused by poor reception, or interference of some kind. You will either need to talk to your retailer or contact your local aerial installation company.

I canít record the other channel

If youíre watching one channel but are trying to record another with your video recorder, youíll find that it doesnít work. After the switchover, youíll only be able to record the channel youíre watching with a video recorder.

If you want to be able to record a second channel youíll have to buy a digital TV recorder (DTR). If you do buy one youíll be able to get one that acts as a set-top box too, so you wonít have to pay out twice for hardware. DTRs record to a built-in hard drive so you wonít have to buy blank videos.

Can I watch Freeview using an aerial set on my TV?

In some cases you will be able to get reception this way - usually if you got good analogue reception (including Channel 5) via your portable aerial - but the best way to watch Freeview is through a roof aerial as you will get much better reception. See useful links for local aerial installation companies.

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My set-top box isnít working properly

If you have lost your picture or are getting an error message, it could be that your set-top box has overheated. You need to ensure that nothing else is placed on top of the box or covering the air vents that stop it from overheating. Turn it off at the wall for at least 30 seconds and once it has cooled down switch it back on. If this doesnít help, contact your retailer or digital TV supplier.

My remote control isnít working properly

If your remote control is changing channel when you turn the volume down or turning your set-top box off when you want to check your electronic programme guide, you probably need to change the batteries. If this doesnít work, contact your retailer or digital TV supplier.

Iíve bought a new TV but it doesnít have Freeview built-in

Not all new TVs are digitally integrated televisions, nor are they all High-Definition (HD) ready so if you want a digitally-enabled, HD TV, you will need to specifically ask for one.

Iíve bought one set-top box - do I need to buy another for each TV in my house?

Unfortunately, each TV will need its own set-top box to unscramble the digital TV signal for viewing.

There was a big storm and now Iíve lost my Freeview channels

You might experience reception problems during bad weather but reception should return to normal afterwards. If you donít get your TV signal back, it could be that the strong winds knocked your roof aerial out of place. Check that it is still intact after the weather has calmed down and get a technician to fix it if it has been dislodged or damaged.

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