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Sky HD channels

Sky HD channels

Updated: Tuesday 15 June, 2010

Looking for a wide variety of HD channels? Satellite TV provider Sky offers the largest line-up of HD entertainment, spanning sports, movies, documentaries and dramas.

Sign-up to a Sky+HD package today and you could get access to up to 58 high-definition channels now, and a planned 50 channels by Christmas 2010. Sky is the UK’s largest satellite TV provider, with its TV services in over 9.7 million homes around the country.

Before signing up to a Sky TV package though, take a look at the table below and read our guide to Sky HD channels to make sure that Sky is the right option for you…

Sky+ HD Box Virgin+HD Box Virgin HD Box Freeview HD

Freeview HD Box
20 HD channels
& over 240 SD channels
17 HD channels
& up to 160 SD channels
6 HD channels
& up to 160 SD channels
4 HD channels
& 140 SD channels
View all channels »
View all Sky HD channels
View all channels »
View all Virgin Media HD channels
View all channels »
View all Virgin Media HD channelsFilm4 HD
View all Freeview HD channels
FREE Sky+HD Box*
+ FREE set-up & £100 voucher
from £19.50 a month
+ HD for £10.25 a month
(& £49.95 set-up)
£24.50 a month**
(& £49.95 set-up)
£6.50 a month***
from £99.99****
(aerial required)
no monthly
Visit Visit Visit Visit

* For new and existing customers taking their first Sky+HD package. Get up to 50 HD channels with additional Sky HD packs. ** + a Virgin Phone line for £12.99 a month. *** + a Virgin Phone line for £12.99 a month. **** Prices sourced from and Freeview and Freesat set-top box capabilities vary across manufacturers. Higher prices may apply for recorder and catch-up capabilities.

HD channels on Sky

If you have a subscription to Sky’s HD Pack, you’ll be able to watch programmes, sports and movies on up to 58 HD channels - the UK’s largest choice of HD channels.

A programme in high-definition has an up to five times better picture and sharper sound than standard definition broadcasts. Remember though you will only be able to watch HD programmes if you have a HD ready TV.

The HD channels you receive on Sky will depend on your Sky TV package. For example, if you have the standard definition Sky Sports, Sky Movies or Disney Cinemagic channels in your package you will receive the high-definition versions of these channels in the HD Pack.

Other high-definition channels on Sky include:

  • Sky Sports HD1: Feel as if you’re on the pitch or the racecourse as Sky Sports HD1 brings you all the excitement of live sports events in high definition. Available to customers taking the HD Pack and Sports Pack.
  • National Geographic HD: Bring your TV to life with a variety of programmes in exquisite clarity, featuring national history, wildlife, real-life investigation, and the exploration of science and the world. Available to customers taking the HD Pack.
  • History HD: Delve into the past with History HD as the channel takes you on an incredible journey of true stories from all over the world, in super sharp detail. Available to customers taking the HD Pack.
  • Discovery HD: Enjoy a fascinating range of programmes from culture, engineering, science and technology to nature, lifestyle and travel, all in high-definition. Available to customers taking the HD Pack.
  • ESPN HD: ESPN HD offers 46 live Barclays Premier League games and 30 Clydesdale Bank Premier League games over the course of the 2010-11 season, as well as a wide range of premium US sports. Available to customers taking the HD Pack and ESPN.
  • Sky Movies HD Family: Enjoy movies that the whole family will love, such as Inkheart, Bedtime Stories and Coraline, in super sharp high-definition. Available to customers taking the HD Pack and Movies Pack.

Sky’s HD Pack is available as an add-on to your Sky TV packs, and costs £10 extra a month on top of your normal subscription. Visit for the latest deals.

Free HD channels on Sky

Sky also offers some free HD channels, available to all Sky+HD homes, even if you don’t take the Sky HD pack. These channels are:

  • BBC HD: Watch some of the best from the BBC on its HD channel, which offers a wide range of high quality programmes from across all the BBC channels.
  • Channel 4 HD: Channel 4 offers a variety of entertainment and real-life documentaries in the close-up detail of high-definition. You can watch music shows and dramas, as well as classic and contemporary movies too. Channel 4 HD is available without any subscriptions though you will need a valid Sky viewing card.
  • ITV1 HD: ITV1 HD brings ITV1’s compelling high quality entertainment and lifestyle programmes to viewers in high-definition.
  • Luxe.TV HD: A channel of documentaries, magazines and news programmes dedicated to the luxury world.

Should I get Sky HD?

If you’re looking for the largest selection of HD channels, signing up to a Sky package could be right for you. It’s important to factor in all the costs however, as more HD channels come at a price of £10 extra a month. Also, as Sky is a satellite TV provider, you will have to have a satellite dish mounted onto the side of your house - in some properties, such as flats or listed buildings, this isn’t always possible, but you should check to make sure.

Use the postcode checker on to see if Sky is available at your address, and find out more about costs.

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