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Virgin Media TV

Updated: Thursday 8 August, 2012

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Virgin Media ( bought ntl:Telewest in 2006 and now offers digital TV, broadband, home phone and mobile phone packages, all available as a bundle to save you money.

Virgin TV packages

Virgin Media TV packages

CompanyPackage NameChannelsBroadbandHome Phone 
TV: M+65 channels including Virgin 1, Sky1, LIVING and many moreNoYes
TV: L100 channels including Virgin 1, Sky1, Comedy Central, Bravo and many moreNoYes
TV: XL160 channels including Virgin 1, Sky1, ESPN, Disney Channel and many moreNoYes

What is Virgin Media TV?

Virgin Media ( supplies digital content via a cable, direct to your TV. Like Sky, they offer different levels of hardware covering a standard digital receiver and a digital TV recorder - the V+ service - that enables customers to record two different channels onto an internal hard drive, while watching another. The provider also offers on-demand programming.

Virgin Media digital TV packages come in four sizes - M, M+, L and XL. All of them have to be taken as part of a bundle with either home phone or broadband.

Why should I get Virgin Media TV?

Virgin Media offers more than just a digital TV service, so you can save loads of money on bundled deals. For example, Virgin's standard digital TV service, Size: M, which offers over 45 channels, comes free when a new customer signs up for a phone line with Virgin Media.

With each Virgin Media TV package you can also make great savings on phone calls, from just £11 a month you can get free weekend calls and line rental as well as the Size: M Virgin Media TV service.

All Virgin Media TV packages come with on-demand TV as standard. This lets you pick and choose what you watch from an archive of 500 films, 1,000 music videos and popular drama and comedy programmes, as well as a pick of last week's TV.

For an extra £5 a month, Size: M and Size: L viewers can make use of the V+ service (free on Size: XL), which provides pin-sharp screen quality.

What do I need for Virgin Media TV?

Firstly, you need to live in a cable area. You can do a postcode check on to see if Virgin Media TV is available where you live.

When you sign up, a technician will visit your home to install the cable, V set-top box or V+ box and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on what services and hardware you choose. Prices start from £11 a month for the Size: M package with a basic phone line, up to £77 a month for the Virgin Media Very Impressive Package.

The VIP package gives you the best of Virgin Media’s services: TV XL, broadband XL and phone XL. You’ll also get Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Setanta, and a V+ box included free. The package also comes with an additional V set-top box, so you can watch your digital TV in more than one room, and is bundled with Talk International and Talk Mobile for cheaper calls.

Virgin Media charges a fee of £5 a month for payments made by any other method. Visit now for more information.

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