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TalkTalk TV

Updated: Monday 22 October, 2012

By Editorial

TalkTalk's original TV format, TalkTalk TV (formerly Tiscali TV), is no longer available to new customers but can still be accessed by those who originally subscribed through Tiscali and became customers of TalkTalk following its takeover of Tiscali in 2009.

In 2012, TalkTalk joined forces with BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 to develop a new TV service called YouView which is available to new and existing customers via its TalkTalk Plus TV package.

TalkTalk Plus TV

With TalkTalk Plus TV customers get a FREE YouView TV box and unlimited access to seven-day catch up with BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. You can pause and record 74 Freeview channels, and get unlimited access to 4,000 shows and box sets including some of the best from the US and UK.

Plus, if youíre a fan of sport or films, you can add on Sky Sports and Sky Movies boosts with just a one month minimum commitment, and there are several other TV boosts available including: Kids Boost - 13 childrenís channels, Music Boost - the most popular music channels in the UK including MTV Music and The Box, and the Entertainment Boost - with must see shows from Sky 1.

What is TalkTalk TV?

TalkTalk TV is the TV service that was offered to customers of Tiscali TV when TalkTalk took over the company. It is not available to new customers. TalkTalk TV works in exactly the same way as Tiscali TV did, delivering digital TV over your telephone line internet connection. Digital TV delivered in this way is known as internet protocol TV, or IPTV, and is the same technology used by BT to deliver its BT Vision ( digital TV service.

Many of the on-demand programmes available via TalkTalk TV are free for subscribers to watch at anytime. There are also some on-demand programmes that are pay-per-view, but this is indicated onscreen when selected.

The TalkTalk broadband service

TalkTalk Plus TV customers must take TalkTalk Broadband and phone as part of the package. However, the provider also offers a number of broadband and phone packages that do not include TV.

TalkTalk aims to give users the fastest broadband it can provide, but this is dependent on how close you live to the telephone exchange, what the wiring is like where you live and how good your telephone line is. TalkTalk's standard ADSL connections offer speeds of up to 14Mb, and it also offers two fibre connections of up to 38Mb and up to 76Mb.

TalkTalk calls and line rental

The kind of call package you get from TalkTalk depends on which package you opt for. Essentials offers unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landline, while Plus will give you unlimited calls to UK landlines 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a discount on mobile calls as well.

If you want cheap calls but donít feel you need broadband as well, TalkTalk does offer phone-only deals too.

You also have to pay line rental on top of the package cost.

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