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Freesat from Sky

Updated: Wednesday 4 April, 2012

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Satellite TV provider Sky offers a free-to-view service called Freesat; is it the right option for you?

Skyís ( new service lets consumers pay a one-off fee to receive free-to-view channels via a Sky satellite dish. Visit for more information.

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What is Freesat from Sky?

Freesat from Sky is not just Freeview via satellite as many people think. Although it covers off all the Freeview channels, and there is no monthly subscription, there are far more channels available and you can upgrade to Skyís subscription TV service any time you want because youíll already have all the equipment.

If you already have a satellite installed and a Sky set-top box, then you can buy a Freesat from Sky viewing card for just £25.

Why should I get Freesat from Sky?

There are two main attractions to Freesat from Sky:

  1. Channels - There are over 240 TV channels and 85 radio channels available through Freesat from Sky, while Freesat from the BBC has around 100 channels in total, and Freeview even less
  2. Availability - Because Freesat from Sky is a satellite TV service, it is available to about 98% of the country, while Freeview is only available to around 75% at the moment.

If you live in an area thatís not yet covered by Freeview but want to switch to digital TV without committing to a subscription, then Freesat from Sky will be ideal for you.

What do I need for Freesat from Sky?

To receive Freesat from Sky, all you need to do is arrange for an engineer to visit your home and install your Sky box and dish.

In most cases they will also connect the service to your phone line so that you can take advantage of their interactive services such as email and online shopping through your TV.

You will have to make a one off payment of £175 to cover installation, connection and hardware. There are no monthly subscriptions to pay but if you want to upgrade to Skyís packs at any point, you can.

To compare Freesat from Sky against other digital TV suppliers click here, or to see what channels you get with Freesat, click on a package in our price comparison calculator.

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