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Updated: Tuesday 3 April, 2012

By Anthony Hill -

If youíre a BT broadband customer, you could save money on your digital TV bills by subscribing to BT Vision, the television service from the telecoms giant.

BT offers its customers an internet TV service through their broadband connection. If you connect your BT Vision set-top box to a digital TV aerial, youíll get all the Freeview channels available in your area, as well as a range of subscription on-demand TV programmes as extras.

If you want to get BT Vision, sign-up for BT broadband today.

BT Vision

CompanyPackage NameTV Package InfoBroadbandMonthly Cost 
TV Essential + Broadband and Anytime Calls70 Freeview channelsUp to 20Mb speeds + wireless BT Home HubFrom
£20 a month

What is BT Vision?

If you're already a BT customer, you could get BT Vision (, the digital TV service from the phone company, using your BT broadband connection. BT delivers its on-demand TV service to a set-top box via your telephone line. The BT Vision box can also be connected to your TV aerial to get the Freeview channels that are available in your area.

What does BT Vision offer?

If you want to subscribe to BT Vision, you have a choice of different viewing packs covering Music, Kids, Sports, and Films. These packs are delivered to your set-top box through your home phone line, so wonít be affected by any Freeview issues, such as atmospherics or the digital switchover. You will have to pay for these packs though.

BT Vision offers two main packages, TV Essential and TV Unlimited, with a choice of either just some or all of the viewing packs depending on your tariff.

Why should I get BT Vision?

Essentially, customers with BT Vision get a basic digital TV service at an affordable monthly price, and the choice to add a few extras if they please by paying slightly more.

However, you will have to live in a Freeview area and will need to sign a 12-month contract when you receive your Vision+ box. With its on-demand content and pay-per-view programming, BT Vision works a bit like a pick Ďní mix TV service.

All BT Vision customers will have access to the Freeview channels and digital radio stations available in their area, as well as the option of only ever paying for those extras that they want, such as films, music videos and television programmes, on-demand when they want to watch them.

Will BT Vision affect my internet?

BT Visionís on-demand TV viewing doesn't count towards your broadband download usage. This means you can watch as much on-demand entertainment as you want without exceeding your broadband usage guidelines.

BT Vision broadband TV also has a separate allocation of bandwidth so that it's not affected by congestion at peak times.

What do I need for BT Vision?

You must have BT broadband to get BT Vision digital TV - sign-up for BT broadband online if youíre not already a customer. You will also need two standard electricity sockets, which will be used to power the wireless BT Home Hub and the BT Vision+ set-top box. These must be located near to your TV. If you only have one electricity socket, youíll need to buy an extension cable.

BT Vision connects to your TV using a SCART or HDMI cable (supplied by BT). Youíll also need a television aerial to connect to your Vision+ box so you can receive the Freeview digital TV and radio channels and benefit from the personal video recorder (PVR) function, which has up to 80 hours of space for your favourite TV shows.

To get the Freeview channels, youíll also need to be in an area thatís already switched to digital. If you canít get Freeview TV, you'll be able to use BT Vision's on-demand and interactive services, and youíll be able to watch the regular, analogue TV channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4) through your TV aerial. However, you wonít be able to use digital video recorder functions on these channels, like pausing and recording live TV.

BT Vision

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