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By Dominic Baliszewski -

Whether you have one little darling or a house hold of little monsters, choosing the right kids TV package can mean an evening of children’s entertainment at a very reasonable price. (Updated 18/3/10)

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Kids TV

CompanyPackage NameChannelsDisney ChannelsNickelodeon ChannelsOn Demand 
Sky TV21YesYesNo
TV: XL20YesYesYes
TV Essential + Broadband and Anytime Calls3NoNoYes

Popular kids TV channels

Kids TV channels are now available for all the major digital TV providers, and there are rage of options available:

The Disney Channel - The Disney Channel is perhaps the best known children's channel, and Disney now offers Disney XD and Playhouse Disney too. Disney brings your children the latest and most entertaining shows including Hannah Montanna, J.O.N.A.S, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and more. The Disney channels are available on Sky and Virgin Media.

Nickelodeon - The Nickelodeon channels include Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, NickToons and Nick Replay. Nickelodeon brings your children everything, from cartoons for tiny tots to comedies for teenagers. The Nickelodeon channels are available on Sky and Virgin Media.

With on-demand children's TV, you can choose which shows you want to watch as well as pause, rewind and fast-forward to the best bits. With more programmes being added every month you are sure to find something good to watch. On-demand kids TV is available on BT Vision and Virgin Media.

The Disney Channel

UK kids channel listings

Thanks to the digital revolution, there is much more to children's TV than BBC1 and ITV. Channels now available include:

  • Cbeebies
  • CBBC
  • CITV
  • Boomerang
  • Cartoon Network
  • Cartoon Network Too
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Channel + 1
  • Jetix / Disney XD
  • Jetix + 1
  • Nick Jr
  • Nick Jr 2
  • Nick Replay
  • Nickelodeon
  • NickToons
  • Playhouse Disney
  • Pop
  • Tiny Pop
  • Disney Cinemagic
  • BabyFirst
  • BabyTV
  • Over 100 Kids shows on-demand

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