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How can I watch TV on the go?

How can I watch TV on the go?

Iím a mad fan of Torchwood but Iím never have time at home to properly catch up. Is there any way I can watch the new series and other TV shows when Iím on the move?

Rob Newman, via email, Monday 11 July, 2011

Our digital TV expert says...

More digital TV services are beginning to offer their customers a way of accessing content wherever they are via their mobile phones.

Sky Go offers a range of channels, including all five sport channels

While this is still a developing area of digital TV, more options for watching television via a smartphone or tablet are beginning to appear on the market.

What TV on the go options are there?

Sky ( customers can watch live TV wherever they are via Sky Go. While the service is only available for laptop PCs and Macs at the time of writing, it will be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from mid-August.

Sky Go offers a range of channels, including all five sport channels, to 10 million existing Sky TV customers, who will be able to register up to two devices through which to use the service. If you are not already a Sky customer the news that the company is freezing its subscription prices until at least September 2012 may prompt you to sign-up.

The channels available to you on Sky Go will depend on your subscription - if you take just one viewing pack at home, you'll only be able to watch that one pack on the go; if you have a subscription for all six viewing packs plus Sky Movies and Sports, you'll be able to watch all of this no matter where you are.

You can catch-up on-demand or watch live.

Virgin Media also allows its customers to watch a selection of its shows on their mobile through the Virgin Media Player, although this is on-demand content rather than live programming.

It is available to use no matter what mobile network youíre on, but those who subscribe to Virgin TV XL and Virgin Broadband - and have a mobile phone from Virgin Media receive an hour of free viewing every day. Otherwise, prices range from 60p for 15 minutes in 24 hours to £1.75 for 60 minutes in 24 hours.

Is terrestrial TV available to watch on the go?

Itís a mixed bag. The BBC leads the way - the last seven days of BBC TV and radio can be viewed via BBC iPlayer on more recent mobile devices and tablets.

A new service, available through the BBC Mobile site which is currently being evaluated, lets you watch BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, CBeebies, BBC News and BBC Parliament live on a mobile device. Most national radio networks can also be accessed.

ITV is a little more limited. The ITV Player Mobile app enables you to catch up on programmes from ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 from the last seven days, on Apple and Android devices. ITV says it is currently updating its mobile services to allow users to access its video content from anywhere.

Channel 4ís 4oD catch-up service is more restricted - while it is not available on iPhone, the 4oD iPad app does exactly what it says on the tin and brings Channel 4 on-demand content to iPad owners.

At present it provides access to all Channel 4ís UK content, and there are plans afoot to broaden this to include Channel 4ís programme archive and US shows, as well as make the app available for the iPhone.

Channel Five fans are not yet able to access the broadcasterís catch-up service, Demand 5, whether they use an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry or Android, but Channel Five hopes to offer this in the future.

However, it does offer the Five Football iPhone app, which allows users to watch Channel 5's UEFA Europa League coverage live and see exclusive highlights of all the games.

Can I use these services when Iím holiday?

No. These services are largely only licensed to make content available to the UK.

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