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By Dominic Baliszewski -

Looking for some music to listen to? Whatever youíre into - be it chart toppers, classic rock, R&B, or dance music - thereís a music channel to suit your tastes. Many TV providers offer on-demand music videos too.

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Music TV

CompanyPackage NameChannelsMTV ChannelsVH1 ChannelsMusic Videos On Demand 
TV: XL16YesYesYes
Sky Entertainment TV19YesYesNo
TV: XL15YesYesYes

How to get music channels

Music channels are available through all major digital, cable and satellite TV services.

People that just have a Freeview box can watch 4Music, and Viva, which both show a mix of music videos and entertainment shows.

If you subscribe to a cable TV provider, such as Virgin Media, or a satellite TV provider like Sky or Freesat, you will have access to a much wider range of music channels.


UK music channel listings

Hereís a handy list of what channels are available and the services you need to watch them:

  • 4 Music (all digital TV services)
  • Bliss (Sky, Freesat)
  • The Box (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • Channel AKA (Sky)
  • Chart Show TV (Sky, Freesat)
  • Chart Show TV +1 (Sky, Freesat)
  • Clubland TV (Sky, Freesat)
  • Dance Nation TV (Sky)
  • Flava (Sky, Freesat)
  • Greatest Hits TV (Sky)
  • Kerrang! (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • Kiss (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • Magic (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • Massive R&B (Sky, Freesat)
  • MTV Base (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • MTV Classic (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • MTV Dance (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • MTV Hits (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • MTV Live (Sky)
  • MTV Live HD (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • MTV Music (Sky)
  • MTV Rocks (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • Q (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • Scuzz (Sky, Freesat)
  • Smash Hits! (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • Starz TV (Sky)
  • The Vault (Sky, Freesat)
  • VH1 (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • Vintage TV (Sky, Freesat)
  • Viva (All digital TV services)

BT Vision and Virgin Media also offer on-demand music videos. New videos are added every month, so itís a good way to go if youíre looking to relax with specific tracks.

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