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Does BT Vision have the same channels as Sky?

Does BT Vision have the same channels as Sky?

I currently have Sky TV with Sky Movies. I am considering switching to BT Vision, but I am afraid that I won’t have the same channels, such as Sky 1, Sky News and so on.

Would it be worth my while and, if I did take the full BT Vision package, would I get Sky Sports and all the channels I have with Sky?

Penny Dormer, via email on 5 September 2011

Our digital TV expert says...

It is common to ask this question if you are considering the move from Sky TV to BT Vision as even Sky’s most basic package, the Entertainment Pack, gives you access to nine out of the ten most watched paid-for channels on Sky.

Although Sky still reigns supreme, BT Vision has been adding more to its line-up.

These include exclusive channel Sky Atlantic, Sky’s longstanding flagship entertainment channel Sky1, music channel MTV, Comedy Central and science fiction channel SyFy.

Although Sky still reigns supreme when it comes to exclusive channels, TV movie premieres and high-definition content, BT Vision has been adding more to its line-up.

Does BT Vision have Sky1?

Sky1, home to The Simpsons since the early 1990s, is only available through Sky (www.sky.com) or cable TV provider Virgin Media (www.virginmedia.com).

However, some of Sky1’s US shows, such as Glee and House, are now available on BT Vision (www.btvision.bt.com) through Freeview channels, but these often run several seasons behind Sky1.

Does BT Vision have Sky News?

BT Vision does show Sky News, as Sky News is a Freeview channel, meaning that it can be watched for free by anyone in the UK as long as they have some form of digital set-top box.

BT Vision includes Freeview in both its packages, BT Vision Essential, which starts from £4 a month, and BT Vision Unlimited, which will set you back from £12.50 a month. However, because it still uses your TV aerial, availability depends on Freeview coverage in your area.

Use our Freeview HD checker to find out what coverage is like in your area.

Does BT Vision have Sky Sports?

BT Vision has been offering Sky Sports since the beginning of the 2010/11 Premier League season.

You can subscribe to either Sky Sports 1 or Sky Sports 2, no matter which BT Vision package you choose, for £12.30 each per month, or from £17.40 for both.

If you take the BT Vision Unlimited package you will get ESPN thrown in at no extra cost, which will give you access to an extra 23 live Premier League matches each season.

Does BT Vision have MTV or Sky Living?

Alas the world’s most well-known music channel, MTV, is only available via Sky and Virgin Media, and then only with Virgin Media’s more expensive packages.

However, BT Vision does provide you with access to Vision MUSIC, which offers over 1,500 music videos. This is included with BT Vision Unlimited and costs 50p per video with BT Vision Essential.

You will also get 4 Music and Viva, which are both available to Freeview customers.

Does BT Vision have Sky Living?

Again, Sky Living is available only through Sky or Virgin Media.

Can I watch Sky without a subscription?

If you are with another pay TV provider or largely happy with Freeview or Freesat, you can now watch Sky TV via your computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad with Sky Go.

A Sky Go Monthly Ticket, priced from £15 to £49, will give you access to up to 32 live channels, including Sky Movies and Sky Sports, along with hundreds of shows and movies on-demand.

How much does BT Vision cost?

BT Vision is an internet TV service, so you will need to be a BT broadband and phone line customer to sign-up. You will also need to be able to get a broadband speed of at least 2Mb to access the on-demand content, which is delivered via your internet connection.

BT Vision

CompanyPackage NameTV Package InfoBroadbandMonthly Cost 
TV Essential + Broadband and Anytime Calls70 Freeview channelsUp to 20Mb speeds + wireless BT Home HubFrom
£20 a month

The “full” BT Vision Package when it comes to television would be TV Unlimited + Broadband and Anytime Calls. This gives you up to 20Mb broadband with 10GB monthly usage, inclusive UK landline calls at anytime and Vision Unlimited.

Vision Unlimited gets you a free Vision+ digital box, which can be used as a digital video recorder, up to 70 Freeview channels, ESPN, catch-up TV and unlimited on-demand access.

This weighs in at £28.50 a month, with line rental costing £14.60 and a one-off activation fee of £30. At the time writing, if you order online you pay £12.50 for the first three months.

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I have been with Sky for 2 years,and was thinking of moving to bt vision. The problem is that the town i live in is divided as to who gets Freeview tv. I can only receive 5 channels(digital)...will this effect my bt vision box(i have 4 mmb broadband speed) should i purchase it?

- Oct 31 2011 8:39PM
Charles MacLean, Tobermory,Scotland

will my sky ariel be ok for my bt vision - Oct 10 2011 7:28PM
sheree mayne, UK

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